Leading the innovative culinary team at Tin Hut BBQ and Aloha Gourmet Food Trucks Hawaii is Owner/Founder and Pitmaster, Frank Diaz. Growing up on the mainland and throughout his extensive military career, U.S. Veteran and entrepreneur Frank Diaz dreamed of starting his own barbeque business. To some, the transition from serving in the military to serving up barbeque might seem an unlikely career path, but Diaz’ passion for barbeque, coupled with an admiration of the MKT (mobile kitchen trailer), inspired his concept for a mobile barbeque business he could take to the civilian sector.

That dream became reality when, after relocating to Hawaii, the retired  U.S. Army veteran-turned D.O.D. Antiterrorism Specialist launched his barbeque-inspired food truck business on Oahu.

As he expanded into a brick and mortar kiosk and his fleet of trucks grew, Diaz launched Aloha Gourmet Food Trucks Hawaii, partnering with fellow mobile cuisine entrepreneurs from the best food trucks in Hawaii including Aloha Plate, the champions of Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race (season#4), Biztro On Wheels, Ono Loco Tacos, Papa Dogs, Olay’s Thai Express, and Wurst-Wagen.

Diaz’ concept – to provide diverse, cultural cuisine from the best food trucks in Hawaii – allows customers to bring gourmet food trucks to their events with the click of a button.

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From a permanent kiosk inside Schofield Barracks PX food court and later at Pearl Harbor in addition to an expanding fleet of food trucks, Tin Hut BBQ creates authentic barbeque using proprietary recipes that have, over time, been personally crafted and perfected by Diaz himself.

Popular Hawaii food truck to open new restaurant in Pearl Highlands Shopping Mall in August 2019

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Tin Hut BBQ’s Signature rubs are artfully crafted with spices imported from all over the world. Using only superior-quality ingredients and seasonings, meats marinate overnight, allowing Diaz’ proprietary blend of spices to infuse deep into the meat.

Each cut of meat is carefully chosen and inspected by a Tin Hut BBQ Pitmaster, who painstakingly ensures that only choice or prime meats are used. After the selection process is complete and the meat is seasoned, the crew slowly smokes the meat for hours. The result is the most flavorful BBQ you’ve ever tasted, topped with Tin Hut’s BBQ signature sauces that will have you coming back for more!


Rather than cooking their meats rapidly on high heat, Tin Hut BBQ slow-cooks its fare over low heat, which means that it takes between 12 to 14 hours to get the texture and flavor just right. A combination of Tin Hut BBQ’s hand-crafted dry rub and barbecue sauce, which uses a combination of spices including cayenne pepper, paprika and raw brown sugar bring out this venue’s signature flavor.

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