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Memorial Day: NOT About The BBQ

Efrain Diaz

Efrain Diaz

(Post updated 5/25/2018)

Memorial Day is more than just a three day weekend or an excuse to break out the grill. It’s a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America.

(Pictured here is Efrain Diaz, father of Tin Hut BBQ founder/owner Frank Diaz.)

Five Things That Every American Should Know About Memorial Day

#1 Memorial Day and Veterans Day are NOT the same holiday



#2 Memorial Day is Memorial Day is a Time to Honor Sacrifice. 

#3 Memorial Day is a day to teach our Children about Real Heroes.


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#4 Memorial Day is Personal. Every Service Member is Somebody’s Spouse, Child, Brother/Sister, Parent, or Friend


“I am a military mom and I have the grey hair, tear-stained pillows, and overwhelming pride that goes with it.” ~ Elaine Lowry Brye Author and Mother to four active duty U.S. Service Members


#5 Memorial Day Is NOT About the Barbeque


Article Featured Image is grave of Efrain Diaz, father of Tin Hut BBQ founder Frank Diaz




Tin Hut BBQ  is a US Veteran owned Mobile Cuisine and Catering business serving Mainland Style BBQ in Hawaii. Carolina Style Pulled pork, Texas Brisket, KC Ribs and Southern Style Chicken. Our catering clients include Hawaii’s top hotels, banks and business, as well as countless school and charity fundraisers, and we handle events at every military installation on the island. 

Tin Hut BBQ Founder/Owner Frank Diaz featured in VAntage Point, official blog of the US Dept of Veterans Affairs: