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New Tin Hut BBQ Pearl Highlands Center Restaurant to Open in August

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Updated June 24, 2019

Veteran-Owned Tin Hut BBQ to Open Pearl City Restaurant in August

Popular food truck opens first off-base restaurant in Pearl Highlands Shopping Mall in August 2019

Disabled veteran-owned Tin Hut BBQ, known throughout Oahu for bringing authentic, mainland-style BBQ to every military base and a number of popular food truck locations throughout the island, will launch its first off-base brick and mortar restaurant later this year at the Pearl Highlands Center newly renovated Food Court.

Retired Army veteran and DOD Antiterrorism Specialist, Frank Diaz is recognized by military and veteran communities on the island for his expertise in protocol, event flow and military etiquette. Drawing from his years of military service and government experience, Diaz’ attention to detail has positioned Tin Hut BBQ as a popular catering source, and more importantly, Diaz shares, as a trusted resource and supporter in local civilian, military and veteran communities.

Diaz has hired dozens of Veterans and their spouses to work his food trucks – some exiting homelessness. His dedication to Veterans and their families goes far beyond saying “you’re hired.”  For the Veterans that Diaz has brought on to his team who have experienced homelessness, he has offered shelter, transportation, mentorship and a foundation from which to grow, as in the case of Desiree Cortez, who struggled for six months after her medical discharge.

There was a huge depression that hit me. When I got the job, that was the start of that light. I started to see it. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself,” says Cortez, who has been with Tin Hut BBQ for a year [and is now] learning more than just how to run a food operation. She says she’s learning how to be a better person. “He leaves a model behind for someone like myself to follow,” Cortez shares. “If I could be half of what he is, I’d be OK with that.”

Diaz attributes the popularity of Tin Hut BBQ, voted Hawaii’s best food truck in 2017 by Honolulu Star Advertiser readers, to the authentic fare, hand-crafted dry rubs and sauces, and the “low and slow” technique used to prepare his smoked barbeque, which includes fan favorites like Carolina style pulled pork, Texas brisket, Kansas City ribs and southern style chicken.

Diaz, a lifelong foodie and entrepreneur at heart, launched his food truck and catering business on Oahu in 2012, expanding to military base kiosks and a growing number of on and off-base food truck locations throughout the island. As his fleet grew, Diaz launched Aloha Gourmet Food Trucks Hawaii, partnering with fellow mobile cuisine entrepreneurs from the best food trucks in Hawaii.

The new Pearl Highlands restaurant will open to the public, Diaz says, in August, with a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony to be planned for mid-late August, 2019. The catering department however, Diaz adds, is already open and orders can be placed online.