Chocolate Rubs Add Decadent Twist to Classic BBQ Dishes

(Updated, 2/8/2019)

A Tin Hut BBQ specially-crafted, chocolate-infused rub brought out just the right blend of sweet and savory in these tender, slow-cooked ribs served at a food truck rally where our BBQ Sauces for the evening include Raspberry Chipotle and  Spicy Tropical Island Blend.


Oahu premier bbq catering company crafts unique chocolate inspired rib dish

chocolate inspired ribs by Tin Hut BBQ

More and more, chefs and grill masters are harnessing the bittersweet flavor profile and cooking properties of chocolate to enhance rubs for grilled and barbeque dishes.  If you need a little inspiration for Valentines Day or that next romantic BBQ dinner for two, consider one of these cocoa-inspired rub recipes:

Cocoa-Chile-Rubbed Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Featured on Chowhound

Cocoa powder is the sort of ingredient usually seen in dessert recipes, but unsweetened cocoa powder adds a deep flavor to meats when used as part of a spice rub. For this pork recipe, mix together chili powder, cocoa powder, brown sugar, cumin, pepper, and a bit of cinnamon and coat pork tenderloins all over with it. For the best flavor, let them sit overnight, but you can also grill them right away. (Read full article)


Cafe Mocha Rub for Grilling Beef & Chicken

Delicious chocolate inspired bbq rub

Cocoa rub for bbq beef and chicken

Featured on The Black Peppercorn

We often think of chocolate as a dessert ingredient but many people over the years have learned how wonderful chocolate is when added to a savory dish. The Mayan and Aztec cultures used chocolate extensively in many different ways. In Mexico there is a popular sauce for meat called mole. Mole has many different spices, including chili and cinnamon, but another common ingredient is unsweetened chocolate. Chocolate mole sauce on chicken is incredible!!! (Read full article)

Chicken With Cocoa Rub

chocolate inspired bbq rub

Chocolate rub chicken

Featured on contributor writes: ‘Couldn’t resist posting this recipe from Smart Balance — the rub sounds so interesting with these warm spices. If you prefer to use boneless, skinless breasts, you will need to adjust the cooking time as boneless breasts take less time to cook and they may dry out.’ (Read full article)


Featured on Saveur

It’s a lucky rack of ribs that meets this rub: warm spices like cinnamon, allspice, and ginger get a depth charge from cocoa powder and bit of heat from fiery mustard powder. Prepared a day ahead of time and then baked until meltingly tender, they’re a perfect weeknight meal. (Read full article)

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