Giving Back: Serving Those Who Serve Our Community

Giving back to the community is one of the greatest privileges of operating a small business

tin ht bbq truck

Tin Hut BBQ is proud to support Surfing The Nations, a volunteer-run non-profit, humanitarian organization in Wahiawa, Hawaii.

The organization’s motto — “Surfers Giving Back”– says it all, as their primary goal is to see lives changed through community outreach, educational and cultural enrichment programs, feeding the hungry (the organization runs a food distribution program that serves over 600 families each week!), and much more.

Surfing The Nation’s mission statement is to “radically serve, train and participate in the action sports and surf culture,” and is carried out not just in Hawaii, but in a number of under-served countries including Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines, to name a few.

Equally as impressive as the organization’s body of work is it’s organizational structure. Surfing the Nations is run completely by volunteers, and we recently had the honor of serving a number of these individuals through a “love-offering”  of the food and catering services for their volunteer appreciation luncheon.

“The food was delicious,” said Director of Operations Zach Ifland, “and it means a lot to be able to recognize and honor our volunteers this way, especially at this time of year, just before all the summer programs start.


Zach Ifland, Director of Operations

Ifland encourages those wanting to learn more about Surfing the Nations and anyone interested in volunteering, either locally or abroad, to check out the website or schedule a tour of Surfing the Nations’ facilities and the many educational, cultural, and (of course) surfing programs offered.