Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day from Sgt. Tin Hut!

As a military parent, I spent a good deal of time far from home and away from family. During those times, while other soldiers would scoop up trinkets and souvenirs to send or bring home, I collected recipes of interesting and delicious dishes from around the country and throughout the world. I brought them home as a way to connect with my children by sharing my passion for cooking, and as a way to include them in my experiences away from the family, and we continue to enjoy a number of those dishes today. In honor of Fathers Day, I’d like to share with you one of our family favorites, Rouladen, a recipe I brought back from Germany. Click her to see the recipe and story behind it:


19One of my Childrens favorites...Rouladen from Germany. Pics of the process

If you’re planning to hit the grill this Fathers Day, be sure to celebrate safely with this  handy infographic for safe grilling:

Infographic bbq

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